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The Scentsy story is an incredible one

dodano: 14 marca, 04:57 przez brakesgfhtb

The Scentsy story is an incredible one. It is one of inspiration and vision mixed with a lot of hard work. This story began with two stay-at-home moms who were looking to start a business that could work around their children and provide some financial support to their families. At a home show, Orville Thompson, an entrepreneur from Meridian, ID met the two stay at home moms who started Scentsy. Orville was intrigued with the Scentsy idea of flameless candles and loved the products right away. He took some product home and his wife loved it as much as he did. He and his wife Heidi decided to buy the company in 2004. After studying different ways to market the product, Heidi told Orville that Scentsy should be a direct sales company and together they launched the company on July 1, 2004.

Scentsy started out in a 40ft ocean container on the Thompsons sheep farm in Idaho. The Scentsy bars were hand poured and many of the employees were family members trying to help out. There was a vision for Scentsy and with time, things began to grow at a rate most companies only dream about. In October 2004 Scentsy moved out of the ocean container and into 1,800 square feet of office space. The bars were still being hand poured but the company was definitely growing. They knew they wouldnt stay in this space long but it was what they could afford at the time. By June 2006, Scentsy moved again and their office space doubled to 5,000 square feet. The year 2007 brought huge changes. With over 600% growth for the year, Scentsy made a bold move and leased a 42,000 square foot building. Many were doubtful the company would ever use all this space but Orville had a vision and many were there believing in him and Scentsy. In 2008 the company had a special machine designed to automate the production of wax bars. Scentsy bars are produced in mass quantity with this machine. This machine was named Alice, after Heidi Thompsons mother who worked so hard hand pouring bars for the company in the beginning. A second machine was purchased later that year and named Fred, after Heidis stepfather, who also poured bars in those early days. In July 2009 Scentsy was recognized by the Direct Selling Association (DSA) by being given the first ever, DSA Rising Star Award. This award was given to a DSA company that showed the most remarkable growth while demonstrating adherence to the DSAs Code of Ethics. This same month was Scentsys fifth year anniversary. Also, in October 2009 Scentsy expanded into Canada. By the end of 2010 Scentsy occupied 491,000 square feet. They have over 500 employees and have enrolled more than 110,000 Independent Scentsy Consultants. Growth has continued to be incredible in 2010 and Scentsy was just named the 19th fastest growing company in the US in INC 500 Magazine. Electric candle warmers and wax bars were the first Scentsy but now Scentsy has many other items that have been added to the product line. There are Plug- In warmers, Room Sprays, Scent Circles (car fresheners), scented stuffed animals (Scentsy Buddies), hand sanitizer, and Travel Tins. With this wonderful assortment of products, the company will continue to grow and expand. What started out as brake lining manufacturers a simple idea of wanting a safe candle for families to use and enjoy, has brake pad manufacturers now become an incredible business that is taking the candle industry to a new level. In the spring of 2011, Scentsy is expanding to the United Kingdom and Germany, opening a whole new market of opportunity. The Scentsy story continues to be one of success, hard work, and unlimited potential.

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